Why am I not surprised? (Updated)

Hard to believe that I have 35 postings already in my ‘Scott Shields Fraud’ Category. For those unfamiliar with this scam artist, just go here (Trading in on Tragedy for Fame: Succumbing to the Lure of Truthiness) to get the original story.

Scott is no longer behind bars, and surprisingly, it took him no time at all to break the terms of his probation. He was not to leave the state of New Jersey, and was specifically told not to venture into New York City, especially to the Ground Zero area.

But, that is just what he did, a friend of mine almost having a heart attack when he saw him 2 weeks ago at Engine Co. 10 Ladder Co. 10. on the remembrance of 9-11, no less.

Of course, he was busy telling his stories about being the big hero at Ground Zero, lapping up all the attention by having Golden Retriever Theo with him. My friend was able to get photos with his cell phone and then contacted Scott’s probation officer. She was none too pleased.

I’ve learned that Scott has plead guilty to breaking probation, as I am sure he realizes he is screwed due to his continual lying and scamming. I will surely keep folks updated as to the outcome of this breach.

Specifically, Scott is on supervised release for three years, following his prison sentence. No travel is allowed outside the district of New Jersey for the first 60 days. Scott violated his supervised release by traveling to NYC on 9/11. Reportedly, he has admitted to being there and violating his supervised release. After his 60 days (possibly longer now), Scott will have to ask permission to leave the district. I seriously doubt his probation officer will allow him out of the district to defraud the public. So whatever permission he gets may be under false pretenses.

These photos show that Scott just cannot commit to the straight and narrow, continuing to wear rescue-themed costumes and put a rescue vest on his untrained, dog-aggressive Theo. Talk about keeping a low profile . . .

Do stay tuned. I will have more to add on this continuing 8 year saga in a couple of weeks. The wheels of justice turn very slowly and I do not want to give Scott an up on the case by publishing specific information here. When I have heard that his probation officer is okay with me sharing his status, I will do so.


According to self-proclaimed Ground Zero hero, Scott Shields, his Golden Retriever “Bear was the first Search and Rescue Dog inside the World Trade Center. He found the most live people.”

But, wait for it . . . . . . . THERE WERE NO LIVE FINDS MADE BY A DOG.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Scott from telling the lie over and over and over again to whatever patsy he can find.


7 thoughts on “Why am I not surprised? (Updated)

  1. Thanks for sending this. What a sick person. I would like to get that poor golden, Theo, away from him. No wonder he is agressive. I wonder if he abuses him? Does he live in New Jersey?
    I’ll pass this along to all of my friends………..especially all of my colleagues in New Jersey.

    Paige Reder
    San Diego

  2. Does the New York Fire Department, especially the men of Engine 10/Truck 10 know about this guy? I visited their station about a year after the attacks and they were very sensitive to the fraud and exploitation going on in the Ground Zero area.

  3. He needs to find a new career in a cemetary, it appears this man loves to dig his own grave…Thanks for posting this story for the world to be aware of what type of scum would lurk and just at the right moment take advantage of victims and their families in their time of need. The more this man’s face is posted, the less chance this will ever happen again. Thank you for saving all of us!

  4. Yes, Paige, he lives in New Jersey. But, who knows where he ventures out since he has this little habit of not doing what he is told. He has never been a responsible dog owner and never gone to a formal dog obedience class in his life. NOT ONE. You forget, he knows far more about dogs and everything thing else, than any body on the planet. It must be nice to be so brilliant and carefree.

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