From Mika, We Are Golden

Unfortunately, not as in Golden Retriever. I do love Mika’s last album, but am not so sure what the new one will be all about. This song is the first to come out from his latest CD, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

A year and a half ago we blogged about Mika and his eclectic debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion, showing Golden Retriever Chunk singing along to the song, “Grace Kelly” …. as this cutie is a Mika fan too! The beginning is too funny as it seems Chunk has some cleaning chores to take care of before he sings. But, watch Chunk tilt his head to and fro to the music. He is especially taken with Mika when he sings those high notes he is famous for. That is when he joins in. It is just too, too funny.

This song from Mika’s first album, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), is one of my favorites!

The Boy Who Knew Too Much


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