Golden Gardeners Photo Contest: Winners announced!

We have just selected the winners in our Golden Gardeners Contest. Folks needed to submit their best Golden Retriever ‘gardening’ photos and complete the following sentence: “This is my Golden’s idea of gardening . . .”

Below, you can see our 1st place winner, a wonderful trio of photos submitted by Donna Johnson. To see all the fabulous winners and experience their stories, be sure to click here.

Golden Retriever Tye

Golden Retriever Brooklyn

Golden Retriever Delta

This is my Golden’s idea of gardening . . .

Brooklyn says: “Ah.. I love the fresh mud dad just filled this new planter with for mom to put pretty flowers in. I heard mom say she would also like to add a good size tree right in the middle. I can help in that area but I may need to round up some help as it has to be a pretty good size hole I would think for a big tree.

Delta learned quickly from watching her Great Aunt and took her turn trying to get that hole deep enough for my new tree. And then there’s our little Tye, so innocent and I’m sure his thoughts were nothing but thanks to the girls for giving him a nice big hole to lay in!


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