New finds from a Master Woodcarver

In 1987 Master Woodcarver, Michael Park, opened his own studio in Pennsylvania—instilling his love of dogs in all of his work. And, there, he carves among the company of his four dogs and a team of craftspeople to create beautiful renditions of countless breeds. For close to 100 breeds, he has items such as bookends, letter openers, card holders, lamps, mirrors, signs, leash holders, snow globes, and ornaments.

We are very excited, however, about his new styling that depicts dogs in their natural gait. And, we love the new items such as Bird Feeders & Houses, Garden & Welcome Stakes, Welcome Signs, Wall Clocks, and Weathervanes. He has begun crafting these and they are available in 22 breeds so far (Aussie, Basset, Beagle, Bernese Mt. Dog, Boxer, Cavalier, Doxies, English Springer, Golden, Lab, Mastiff, Norfolk & Norwich Terriers, Pekingese, Pug, Rottweiler, Schnauzers, Scottie & Sheltie).

I’ve just ordered a Golden Bird House and Garden Stake and can’t wait for them to arrive. Check out some of his newest Golden Retriever items below. And, get on over to our Michael Park page to check out your breed offerings. Our donations are down to the pitiful level, so I have to depend on store sales to keep my nonprofit Land of PureGold Foundation afloat.

Golden Retriever Garden Stake

Golden Retriever Garden Stake

Golden Retriever Bird Feeder

Golden Retriever Bird Feeder

Golden Retriever Wall Clock

Golden Retriever Wall Clock


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