Golden Retriever Rosie raises kittens like they’re her own

Golden Rosie with 1 of her kittens

Golden Rosie with one of her kittens

Island Cat Resources and Adoption is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of abandoned and feral (wild) cats and to educating and empowering the local community to relieve them from their plight.

It is because of their provision of foster care for tame or socialized rescue kittens/cats until they can be placed into quality permanent homes through their adoption program, that the wonderful story below evolved.

I am kind of late discovering it but it just tickles me so much that I knew I had to share it. Rosie is just one sweet girl, that’s for sure. And, I love how she was brought up by 5 family cats, imitating some of their behaviors, and now mothers litters of kittens, resulting in their being more like tiny Goldens.

Golden retriever raises kittens like they’re her own
By Martin Snapp, Correspondent, Contra Costa Times, June 26, 2009

. . . . Rosie, who is a little over a year and a half old, raises homeless kittens for Island Cat Resources and Adoption. If she’s in a calm mood, she’ll lie down and let them climb all over her and play with her feet. If she’s in a playful mood, she’ll gently roll them across the floor with her nose.

If they get too rambunctious and start nipping or scratching, she’ll look up at her owner, Gail Churchill, with a look that says, “Help!” But she still lets them do it.

It all started a few months ago, when Churchill, who fosters homeless kittens for ICRA, had a litter that was so young, the kits had to be bottle-fed.

“Rosie was absolutely mesmerized and would sit by my lap while I was feeding them. As babies do, they got messy faces, and I knew mommy kitties clean their babies with their tongue. So I got the idea of holding the baby kitty up to Rosie, and she started cleaning its face.

Golden Rosie doing some Kitty face cleaning

Golden Rosie doing some Kitty face cleaning

“This went on for weeks. As they grew and started running around on the floor, she would corral them and keep them where I could see them. If one ever got out of my sight, I’d just go look for Rosie because I knew that’s where the baby was.”

Before embarking on her career as a kitten raiser, Rosie used to sleep every night right beside Churchill and her husband Jim’s bed. “But now she insists on sleeping in the kitchen, right beside the big kitty condo where the kittens sleep at night, so she can keep an eye on them.” Rosie is now working on her third litter, with no end in sight.  . . . .

One of the reasons Rosie gets along so well with kittens is that she was raised by cats: the Churchill family felines Howdy, Jackie, Jenny, Yoshi and Jacques.

One day, when Rosie was 4 months old, Churchill came home and found her standing on top of the kitchen counter. The look on her face seemed to say it all, Churchill said: “What’s the problem? The cats do it, don’t they?”

Go over and visit the article’s talented author, Martin Snapp. He’s a longtime newspaper columnist in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has an online version of his column.


New finds from a Master Woodcarver

In 1987 Master Woodcarver, Michael Park, opened his own studio in Pennsylvania—instilling his love of dogs in all of his work. And, there, he carves among the company of his four dogs and a team of craftspeople to create beautiful renditions of countless breeds. For close to 100 breeds, he has items such as bookends, letter openers, card holders, lamps, mirrors, signs, leash holders, snow globes, and ornaments.

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I’ve just ordered a Golden Bird House and Garden Stake and can’t wait for them to arrive. Check out some of his newest Golden Retriever items below. And, get on over to our Michael Park page to check out your breed offerings. Our donations are down to the pitiful level, so I have to depend on store sales to keep my nonprofit Land of PureGold Foundation afloat.

Golden Retriever Garden Stake

Golden Retriever Garden Stake

Golden Retriever Bird Feeder

Golden Retriever Bird Feeder

Golden Retriever Wall Clock

Golden Retriever Wall Clock