Roadside births: Dog has litter of 16 puppies on turnpike

Tessia with her 16 newborn puppies (born on July 19th)

P.U.P.S., a nonprofit organization in Hopatcong, NJ, rescues Pregnant Moms from shelters that are “High Kill”, meaning they are so over burdened with unwanted dogs, they do not have the time or resources to find these wonderful, loving animals new homes. When a dog is pregnant and shows up in one of these shelters, their situation becomes URGENT as the shelter can’t and won’t be able to care and provide for a mom and a litter of pups.

P.U.P.S. transports these dogs into their foster network, where they receive the veterinarian care, the love they so desperately need and a safe environment to deliver their pups and regain their health, before being adopted into their forever homes. Sadly, EVERYDAY, they have to refuse pregnant canines scheduled to die in shelters because they just don’t have enough space and help for them.

Tessia, the Flat-coated Retriever-Border Collie mix shown above, is such a “good mother” and is busy tending to her babies. Her 16 puppies are ALL doing great, and a home has already been found for this lovely girl.

Tessia with one of her Golden-colored puppies

But, it’s how they were delivered which is quite the story, as shown in Matt Manochio’s article, Roadside births: Dog has litter of 16 puppies on turnpike.

Danelle Ruotolo of Sussex County drove to Delaware three weeks ago and picked up a rescue dog to bring to her shelter. The dog, Tesa, was pregnant, and began delivering pups en route to New Jersey, causing Ruotolo and her friend who was driving to pull over and help birth the puppies on the side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Ruotolo returned home with 17 dogs: Tesa and her 16 puppies, all of which likely would’ve been euthanized had Ruotolo not rescued Tesa. “We’re a dog-rescue that specializes in pregnant dogs,” Ruotolo said of Protecting Unborn Pups, or P.U.P.S, a nonprofit organization she’s operated out of the borough for three years.

“We get pleas, actually, from shelters needing help to save them,” she said. “”We usually do two moms at a time, we’re small.”

Ruotolo said her shelter has helped rescue and place 240 dogs. … Tesa’s been somewhat overwhelmed by having to nurse the 16 puppies every three hours, so Ruotolo has been switching the puppies from mom to bottle-feeding.

Ruotolo said she gravitated toward saving pregnant dogs early on. “”I’ve been with other rescues,” she said. “”When I found out the pregnant ones go down first … it’s just not fair … that’s why I started to specialize in them.” Ruotolo said she hears about pregnant dogs needing rescuing through various Internet sites that track them. She’s rescued dogs from up and down the East Coast, as far west as Ohio and Tennessee, and as far south as Georgia.


4 thoughts on “Roadside births: Dog has litter of 16 puppies on turnpike

  1. I am so pleased there are people like you who has the passion to rescue these precious dogs and find homes for their puppies. We need more people like you who care for Gods creations.

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