Gotta admit it — I Simply love Dr. Sophia Yin

Dr. Sophia Yin, besides being an incredible veterinarian and behaviorist, is a wonderful writer and educational resource. Her articles are so easily understood, and she has the ability to speak wisely to the training of days old and to that of the present day.

The video below is brand new and as I watched it, I was just amazed. It is wonderful to see her use the reward of attention, via petting, to reinforce this little pup.

Watch Dr. Yin with her dad’s new puppy, Lucy, at 7.5 weeks of age. It’s her first day at Dr. Yin’s house. Lucy’s already learned to sit for kibble. Now she is training her to sit to be petted (getting attention), and Dr. Yin is removing rewards for jumping. Then, she does the same thing with her own dog Jonesy around. Lucy correctly reads Jonesy’s signals and backs down when Jonesy makes it clear he doesn’t want her in his face.


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