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Please remember that your purchases help fund Cancer Treatment Grants for working dogs!

Our homes are a direct reflection of who we are, our animal companions surely part of the family. Therefore, dog bowls should provide the utmost service to our furkids while becoming part of the design and ambiance of our homes. With elevated dog bowls, a unique cat bowl, placemats, and wonderful dog lover gifts, Austin, TX based Wetnōz is providing accessories that feature both top-notch utility and award winning design. In fact, the Ultra Big Pooch Bowl is used at one of the local restaurants that is known for their special salad creations.

Not just dog bowls — Wetnōz provides unique collections for your animal companion and your home. For larger dogs there are raised dog feeders up to 5 cups, and for smaller dogs the 3/4 cup Pee Wee Pet Bowl. From the Ultra Collection made from highly polished surgical grade stainless steel with non-skid rubber feet and handles, to the Metro Line that combines brushed stainless steel fused to brilliantly colored translucent high grade ABS plastic, the goal is to integrate design and functionality. The stainless-steel bowls and treat jar feature sandblasted interiors and hand-polished exteriors. And, gleaming 18/10 stainless steel distinguishes Wetnōz bowls from the standard stainless steel pet bowl on the market. Sturdy 2.0 mm thick surgical grade steel is used to add weight and durability, emphasizing overall quality.

Only the best Pet Products — Wetnōz stainless steel bowls offer a hygienic, chemically-inert eating surface (a definite MUST for raw diets) while providing style and grace to your kitchen. They also offer ergonomically correct elevated feeders that allow your dog to eat with less of the stress involved from floor elevation bowls. Designed for anti-whisker stress, their feline food dish brings serenity to meals.

Only the best for You — As seen on Greatest American Dog, Wetnōz provides the finest luxury pet accessories available. Style and design alone are not enough. You need accessories that improve the quality of your lifestyle as well as your animals. Stainless steel is easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. Many of the bowls also have “scoop and serve” functionality. Simplifying mealtime makes your life easier and adds valuable time to your day. In addition, many kitchens are furnished with stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, and cookware. Designed to coordinate with today’s homes, they target the style conscious and design-savvy consumers who demand quality products that blend will into their living environment.

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