Golden Retriever Stolen from Home in New Taswell, TN – Updated

August 2, 2009 Update
I just learned that Skylar has been found and now is home safe and sound with her mom, Cathy. She was found about 30 miles away into Virginia, across three busy highways, including one that carries 30,000 vehicles daily. There were a few minor health problems and poor Skylar had already lost about 15 pounds. Apparently, she was dropped off by someone when the heat got too high.

According to Charlotte, the woman that found her would not take the reward. It was actually the tattoo on Skylar that helped to find her, as well as all the posting on so many sites. Police are now working on a few leads. Let’s hope they are successful.

Golden Skylar, home safe


The request to post this comes from fellow Golden lover, Charlotte, who rightfully said, “You would have to shoot me if this happened to one of mine and we never found them.”

Charlotte and I would love to be able to help Cathy and Mary find their lovely sweetheart, Skylar, and hope you will as well. The following letter was written by Mary, on behalf of Cathy.

Golden Retriever Skylar, sadly stolen from her home

This past Sunday, July 19th, Someone STOLE our Girl, Skylar!

During the afternoon Cathy took Skylar and her two puppies out for a walk on her property. Skylar ran ahead to the house and was sitting waiting on her mom. By the time Cathy got to the house Skylar was gone! Cathy saw a dark sedan driving away down her dirt road (AND Cathy’s driveway is 1/2 a mile long too). Cathy lives in New Taswell, Tennessee which is near Knoxville.

Skylar is a 4-year old Golden Retriever. She is tattooed and micro chipped. She is blonde and I do have a picture of her ready to forward to anyone. I am attaching it here too. There is a reward for finding her and no questions will be asked. Her tattoo is 5931 N 4.

Please take a minute to give a belly-rub to any new female Goldens that you see and look for her tattoo

Please cross-post this far and wide. Cathy is absolutely heartbroken.

My number is listed below in my signature. Skylar’s Mom is Cathy Casper

Here are her numbers (please call anytime!!)

(home) 423-626-5670

(cell) 423-851-1108


Mary B. Williams
PO Box 3545
Columbia, SC 29230
803-735-0599 (evenings)


5 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Stolen from Home in New Taswell, TN – Updated

  1. Thanks Rochelle for posting this….Please pass this on to all you know.

    If you are on Facebook…we have setup a page “Help Find Skylar”…there are more pictures and info.

    Please light a candle for Skylar can find her way home.

    Wilson & Rocky

  2. Oh, this is terrible. I am LuLu’s mom from NC, she was stolen from my home in Jan of 08, and found! You all ran her stories, and I so appreciated that. I know what this family is going through. I hope they post Skyler’s photo’s everywhere. That is what helped me.

  3. In a message dated 8/1/2009 6:11:51 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
    Just had a rather rushed conversation with Cathy – she got Skylar back
    morning; she was so excited I could hardly understand her ….. they
    think the women who stole her must have dumped her. Please if any of you
    advertised Skylar’s loss for Cathy would you please post the happy news –
    thank you.

    Clover, Bentley, Pandora & foster girl Toast

    Rescue: Always a balancing act to make room for one more

    From Skylar’s mom….Got a call this evening…found about 30 miles away across three busy highways, including one that carries 30,000 vehicles daily…a few minor health problems and lost about 15 pounds. Apparently she was dropped off by someone when the heat got too high. Police are working on a few leads. THANKS EVERYONE it has been 13 long days.

    (Wilson & Rocky)

  5. I just got the news as well Nora. I never believed there would be a happy ending, and could not be happier if it had been my own Golden. Living through such a nightmare is just beyond my comprehension. And, don’t ask what I’d like to do to the person who enacted such a crime.

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