Pure Golden Love

Two-year-old Golden Retriever Lily loves Kelsie to pieces

“The dog was created specially for children. He is the g-d of frolic.”
— Henry Ward Beecher

I absolutely adore this photo. Just look at how much love is in evidence between these two. I met Lily a couple years ago, and she is just the most demure and gentle dog you could ever meet.

It is an entry in my Kids and Paws Photo Contest, and comes from big Golden Retriever rescue supporter, Chandler Rudd (Kelsie is his granddaughter). But, amazingly it has NO votes at all! That is unbelievable, and in my opinion, just unacceptable. Come on guys, I need your votes on all the wonderful entries. You can vote for Lily by going here, or you can check out all 42 current entries by clicking here.

Our goal is to have 800 votes cast before awarding our $600+ prize package between the top 6 vote-getters. Currently, there are 531 total votes cast, so we are not too far away from this goal.

Of course, you too, can also still submit an entry in my Kids and Paws – Furever Love Photo Contest. The entries can incorporate any breed dog and any aged youngster (ages 0 to 18), so featuring a bond between the two.

And, remember, my nonprofit foundation’s contest will benefit not only the winning participants but 100% of the proceedings will go toward funding cancer treatment for our working dogs.


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