A Special Golden Supporter

Mary Jane feeding ice cream to Gus following a surgery

Mary Jane feeding ice cream to Gus following a surgery

I was sad to learn recently about the illness of Mary Jane Rizzella, a Golden lover and loyal supporter of all things Golden, including that of my nonprofit foundation and its mission.

A fighter to the core, Mary Jane was not one to go down with about a battle. But, today, I was informed, cancer sadly claimed another unlucky soul.

Here is Mary Jane feeding her beloved Gus after one of his own cancer surgeries. She did so much to extend this lovely boy’s life, adding on a few quality years for sure. And, she provided his story of hope for others. Just click here to read this special tale.

I surely hope that these two are together once again, giving comfort to one other.

3 thoughts on “A Special Golden Supporter

  1. Rochelle,
    I’m so saddened by losing Mary Jane…..I can’t stop sobbing, she was in so much pain……I hate this cancer! The only thing that helps me is that I just know she is with her Gus and all the sweet loves we’ve lost to Rainbow Bridge. I feel comfort knowing my sweet Charmand Sidney are there with her!
    Love, Lynn

  2. I hate that those folks at the rehab center were so ignorant. There is no reason for someone with cancer not to be adequately medicated. When I see all these celebs abusing drugs and then the folks that need it being deprived, it makes me ill. Thank goodness that nightmare is over. We can only hope she is at peace now.

  3. I was shocked to hear of Mary Jane’s passing, and especially the amount of pain and suffering she endured in her final months.
    At least now she is reunited with her beloved Gus at the Rainbow Bridge.
    I cherish my memories of my stay with Mary Jane and her husband during my US visit in 2007. She truly had a heart as gold as the Goldens we love so much.
    Rest In Peace MaryJane, we will all meet again at our big Goldstock reunion at the Rainbow Bridge one day, and what a wonderful time that will be.

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