I have always loved Al Franken – Update . . . Senator Franken!

I wrote the following post on January 17, 2008. I cannot believe it has taken this long for him finally to *win* the election.


al.jpgSince early Saturday Night Live days, I have always enjoyed Al Franken. His wit is so incredibly quick and you can tell there is a huge storehouse of knowledge that lurks below his creative use of satire. His Harvard education attests to that, of course.

I have read one of his books and was so riveted by his recounting of an accidental meeting on a flight that he had with Bush’s (the decider) mom. It told me more than I wanted to know about how Bush came to be as psychologically bereft as he is.

While I am not from Al’s neck of the woods in Minnesota (just locating it on a map would be a challenge for my spacially-challenged self), I am rooting for him to beat Norm Coleman in the upcoming elections.

He has just begun his tv campaign ads (which typically are as annoying as the lackluster commercials we are bombarded with) and I must say I was really impressed. I think it was the teacher in me as I was a special educator before becoming a school psychologist. My big sister would probably like it as well as she has been a 4th grade teacher for 30 years.

Mrs. Molin

The video clip below from Al Franken is definitely not light-hearted. But, boy does it show that this man is far more than just a performer.

Walk a day in my shoes: Al Franken/Ulysses Bridges


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