Sadly Oiled, but now Rescued penguins are returned to ocean

Four weeks ago SANCCOB in Cape Town rescued 129 oiled African penguins from the Namibian coastline. These cuties made news when they successfully survived a 19-hour road trip from Luderitz in Southern Namibia. They had been ‘oiled’ in the waters around the islands off the Luderitz coast. A rescue team led by Jessica Kemper saved them from a certain death by rounding them up in boats, then getting them to the mainland where they were stabilized and washed. But, the hard part loomed ahead as the penguins then had to make the journey to Cape Town for extensive rehabilitation. Listen and watch below to learn more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


With help from project staff and AVIVA volunteers, 84 of the birds are already healthy enough to be released. Watch as they began their long journey home on May 21st.


Learn more about this special tale here.


One thought on “Sadly Oiled, but now Rescued penguins are returned to ocean

  1. Thanks for this story snippet and especially the videos. I loved seeing the penguins being released!

    We have visited SANCCOB and were so impressed with their work, with all kinds of Southern African seabirds.

    If anyone is interested, the ‘bleeding heart’ red dye spots on the released penguins are to show that they have been treated at SANCCOB, so if one of them has a setback and is found by a ranger somewhere they can report back to the centre…

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