Project Taiwan – Bring some needy Goldens Home

Last month, Animal Rescue Team  [ART] Taiwan rescued a lovely Golden Retriever soul that they now call Champion. Champion’s story, told by Maggie Chen of ART, is posted below. If all goes well, he’ll be joining the folks at Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue in the US next month.

ART rescued a golden retriever in a village on 3/6/09. We named him Champion. According to the villager, Champion was pushed out from a van on the early cold morning in February. Since then the dog had been seen straying around seeking food although he didn’t have much to eat. Champion is a very friendly dog. Whenever there were vehicles approaching, he would get close to them with passion and expectations. It is obvious that he was expecting his owner. Day by day, he was losing weight and becoming listless until he was unfortunately hit by a hit-and-run driver in late Feb. A speeding van hit the dog without even stopping to take a look at what was happening to the dog. One of the vendors nearby dragged Champion to the sidewalk. All he could do was give the dog water and leftover. Poor Champion had been left alone there for a week before later before he was reported to ART by a passerby, who called ART for help.

We rushed the dog to the vet’s on 3/6. The vet gave Champion an x-ray and judged that the dog’s hipbone was fractured and there was a dislocation of the head in a cetabulum. Champion was performed a surgery right away and it was very successful. Currently champion can walk in the park and he really likes it. Although he can’t walk very fast, the vet said that time will cure and all the dog needs now is rehabilitation. Champion needs a place to walk around to help him go back to the normal state.

Champion is three years old, 66 lbs, a male dog, neutered, and all his tests are NEGATIVE. Can you help this dog? Please consider making a donation to Golden Retriever Club Of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. I did and it felt GReat to help!


Goldens Arthur, Beauty, Hannah & Leo arrive in the US!

On April 25, 2009, four rescued Golden Retrievers from Taiwan arrived in Los Angeles. Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue has partnered with rescuers in Taiwan to find new homes for these abandoned retrievers.

Be sure to keep up on all that is taking place with Project Taiwan with the Rescue’s incredible blog. And, do consider making a donation to Golden Retriever Club Of Greater Los Angeles Rescue.