I have to admit that I am afraid of my own shadow, and trust me, given being under 5 feet tall, even my shadow is not too formidable. I am also unable to tolerate (or even watch) the abuse of one towards another, whether it be person vs. person, or animal vs. animal, or person vs. animal.

As a graduate school instructor and school psychologist, I taught behavior theory and demonstrated easily why punishment just does not work as an effective way to manage behavior. In the mental health field, adversives are rarely utilized except where there is benefit to reducing life-threatening situations regarding unmanageable self-destructive behavior.

I am personally ashamed by the psychological and medical communities aiding the intelligence fields and allowing common sense to be twisted into the use and blatant abuse of punishment, i.e., torture.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month

Sign the petition telling Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate torture here. Here’s one reason to demand a special prosecutor to investigate these actions. In addition to revealing the sheer number of times KSM and Abu Zubaydah were waterboarded, the memos reveal that the interrogators who waterboarded these men went far beyond even the expansive  guidelines for torture described in the Bybee Memo, notably by dumping water onto their nose and mouth, rather than dribbing it on.

The IG Report noted that in some cases the waterboard was used with far greater frequency than initially indicated, see IG Report at 5, 44, 46, 103-04, and also that it was used in a different manner. See id. at 37 (“[T]he waterboard technique  … was different from the technique described in the DoJ opinion and used in the SERE training. The difference was the manner in which the detainee’s breathing was obstructed. At the SERE school and in the DoJ opinion, the subject’s airflow is disrupted by the firm application of a damp cloth over the air passages; the interrogator applies a small amount of water to the cloth in a controlled manner. By contrast, the Agency Interrogator …  applied large volumes of water to a cloth that covered the detainee’s mouth and nose. One of the psychologists / interrogators acknowledged that the Agency’s use of the technique is different from that used in SERE training because it is “for real — and is more poignant and convincing.”)

Jonathan Mann, who posts a song at youtube every single day, took language directly from the torture memos for this entry.


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