Is it a duck’s life or a dog’s life? You decide

Cherry Valley duck Essy...Essy, a Cherry Valley duck on a lead ready for a walk with owner Steph Tufft, 25 and her Staffordshire cross dogs Rachka, two (left) and DD, four, in Bournemouth, Dorset. Photo by Chris Ison/PA Wire

Quackers duck thinks it is a dog

A nine-month-old duck has become a local celebrity in Dorset for her canine capers. Essy, a Cherry Valley duck, thinks she is a dog and even has her own lead to go for walks around Bournemouth.

Owners Steph, 25, and Tony Tufft, 35, take her out with their Staffordshire cross dogs Rachka, two, and DD, four. Mrs Tufft says the duck also goes to the pub and gets “quite put out” if she has to be left behind while the dogs are taken out. “She’s famous throughout Charminster,” Mrs Tufft said.

“She just adores the dogs and is quite the legend in Charminster. She even comes to the pubs with us. She curls up with the dogs to sleep and the dogs are incredibly protective of her, they adore her. “They all clean each other.”

Essy has a bedroom in the airing cupboard but prefers to sleep with the dogs. She also plays in the garden with them and competes for treats.

We know it’s quackers but this fowl thinks she’s a Fido!

Steph, 25, a dog groomer who also makes wedding cake figurines, said she has always loved ducks and they’ve had Essy since she was eight weeks old.

Essy was even at their wedding reception in Cornwall in September as a guest of honour, and was also represented as a figurine alongside them and their dogs on their wedding cake.


2 thoughts on “Is it a duck’s life or a dog’s life? You decide

  1. Hi, I loved this story as I have a similar duck called Steve. I’v not started taking him out for walks yet but he does live in the house, have a nappy, sleeps in bed and thinks he’s a human. He’s a real character.


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