Just love those tales with happy endings.

Sampson went straight back in the water after nearly drowning there recently.

Sampson went straight back in the water after nearly drowning there recently.

I do hope this family is careful now with this crafty guy, who certainly does relish his freedom.

‘Seaway’ Samson brings Margaret strength
By Melissa Townsend, Australia Goldcoast Bulletin, February 17, 2009

Sampson reunited with Margaret Maroney at Benowa

Sampson reunited with Margaret Maroney

A GOLDEN retriever rescued from the Broadwater after getting into trouble in 4m high waves on Saturday was reunited with his owner yesterday. Margaret Maroney was overjoyed to see her beloved dog Samson when her son Nathan brought him to visit her at Pindara Private Hospital.

Ms Maroney, from Mount Tamborine, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer and her son has been looking after Samson for her. “I’m so happy he’s here,” she said.

He said the highlight of her day was being wheeled through the park next to the hospital with her son and the dog close by.”She’s always been an animal lover and she’s had dogs all her life,” he said. “We grew up with dogs.”

Ms Maroney bought Samson from the pound about six months ago, before she became ill with cancer. When she found him, he had already been surrendered to the pound twice, but she liked that he was a fighter. She named him Samson after the biblical character whose strength lay in his hair. “He’s quite a strong dog and that’s why we called him Samson,” said Nathan. “If you look at his paws, they’re massive. They’re paws of a strong dog.”

The two-year-old pooch was at the designated dog beach at The Spit with Nathan on Saturday when he took off towards the dunes after some seagulls. “He just loves to chase these seagulls,” said Nathan. “Any other sort of bird he doesn’t worry about.

“When he’s chased them before he’s never run off on me, but the seagulls were in a feeding frenzy down near the rockway. “The last I saw of him, he was in the rockway about half a kilometre away.” Thinking Samson would return, Nathan waited a few minutes, but soon became worried when he didn’t. “It was very
rainy and there was no use trying to call because my voice would just get blown away with the wind,” he said.

For an hour, he searched the treeline and the dunes, but to no avail. His initial thought was that someone had stolen Samson. “I looked through the sand dunes and it crossed my mind that he could be in the water because he does like the sea,” he said.

Little did Nathan know Samson had chased the seagulls into the Broadwater near the Seaway. The dog had become stranded in seas reaching up to 4m and was close to drowning. Luckily a member of the public called Volunteer Marine Rescue and a crew arrived in just four minutes. With some heavy manpower, Samson was lifted into the safety of the vessel and taken back to base.

Meanwhile, Nathan undertook the dreadful task of calling his mother to let her know Samson had disappeared. “I was pretty upset with myself for losing her dog,” he said. Nathan left messages with the Animal Welfare League and local vets, in the hope someone would bring Samson in to be scanned for a microchip. “I prayed to G-d that Mum would get her dog back and G-d came through,” he said.

The circumstances in which he was found were certainly bizarre. “He’s a very cheeky dog and very mischievous, but he’s very loyal. “I’m very grateful.”

Despite the ordeal, Samson was out enjoying the surf yesterday afternoon with Nathan. Several times he looked up to the sky longingly at the seagulls, but this time Nathan was right on his tail.

Click on the photo below to see a video of Samson swimming in the surf.


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