Golden Retriever Kobie stars in movie, Dog Gone

Golden star loves limelight
Kobie is part ham, all dog on the movie set

By THERESA HOGUE, Gazette-Times reporter

He may be a star, but Kobie the Golden retriever isn’t standoffish. In fact, he’s anxious to meet anyone offering a pat or a snuggle. The 7-year-old Corvallis dog has been in show business for a few years, and his biggest production so far, “Dog Gone,” just came out on DVD. But whether he’s the animal star of the show, or simply a background performer, there’s one thing Kobie loves: Being on set.

Here is a great commercial that Kobie starred in as well.

Come learn more about Kobie at our foundation’s site where we have detailed several Golden Retriever stars. Just click here.


One thought on “Golden Retriever Kobie stars in movie, Dog Gone

  1. Hi Rochelle,
    I just ran across this page featuring my boy Kobie. Thank you for the publicity; Kobie loves his fans better than almost anything, except treats.
    Kobie is an 8 year old Golden that I raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was career-changed at 14 months for severe allergies, and came home to live with me permanently. We do agility (he is one of the top Goldens in NADAC agility) as well as movie and commercial work. I work as a trainer for a company called Talented Animals that provides animal talent. We were lucky enough to find out that Kobie is a great movie dog, easy to train, flexible and rock solid under all conditions. He is looking forward to more work this summer so watch for him!
    Hugs to all those Goldens out there!

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