Call me silly, but I LOVE these!

Malia and Sasha in their new inaugural coats

Malia & Sasha's new inaugural coats

Inspired by the First Family’s unique style, these i see spot “First Coats” are so charming. The lightweight Spring Coats feature extra soft fleece with satin buttons and ribbon trim. They are only sized for smaller dogs, though, with sizes for dogs with body lengths from 8″ to 19″ and approximate weights of 3 to 30 lbs.

At our Foundation’s Apparel Store, we have lots for folks to enjoy, to tickle their own fancy or to dress their dogs up in style. It seems that even a fun scarf on a dog can bring joy to others. Some dogs engage in Animal-Assisted Activities. Such activities, designed to strengthen someone’s quality of life, are typically performed by volunteers and are generally “meet and greet” activities. We have wonderful stretch scarves and tanks, many with great holiday themes. The i see spot quality is exceptional and they are the only ones we’ve found to be true to sizing, and to comfortably fit larger dogs such as Golden Retrievers.

Please let me know if you may be interested in this new “First Family” wear and I will order some to stock at the store.


One of the foundation sponsors, i see spot, has donated some of their products to us to help with fundraising. For 20 years,i see spot’s parent company, L.A. SAM, INC., has been designing and manufacturing for the apparel industry. From successful adult contemporary lines to children’s clothing, L.A. SAM has built its reputation as a leader in quality garments made in the U.S.A. It is this experience, love of dogs, as well as the nine years of design collaboration between the company’s owners, Sandy Maroney and Sharon Bolger, that has inspired the newest L.A. SAM, INC. direction into the dog couture market.

In July of 2003, i see spot was launched, its ongoing success attributed most of all to quality. The fabrics are carefully chosen and designed with the comfort of the dog as the main priority.