A mutt like me

Senator Obama is featured in book about puppy mills, A Rare Breed of Love, with this photo of him holding Baby, the three-legged poodle rescued from an abusive puppy mill operation.


An artist's support

This is an update to this post that I put up last month.

That is how PE Obama describes himself. And, it is why he wants to get a rescue to be the first Presidential pet. That had inspired artist, Shepard Fairey, responsible for a poster series supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy for President in 2008. Who can forget the iconic “HOPE” portrait? It was actually just acquired by the US National Portrait Gallery, and became part of the permanent collection, the gallery hoping to have the image on display by Obama’s Inauguration Day.

The day Obama stated his interest in adopting a dog from the shelter was a slightly brighter one for the approximately 7 million adoptable dogs & cats killed each year in this country. The staggering reality is that for each one sold at a pet store or by a breeder, another perfectly worthy one is killed.

Our nations shelters are filled to capacity with all kinds of amazing adoptable animals including, as Obama put it, “Mutts like me.”

On the heels of Obama’s comment, I got a call from Pia Salk, an animal advocate who works with North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, Adopt-a-Pet.com. Pia simply asked if I might be willing to collaborate on a way to have my art help these animals. I’m all for adopting from the shelter! My wife and I share our home with 2 pooches, George and Weezie, who is a rescue. They are the happy canine siblings to our 2 human daughters.

I have created a limited edition run of 400 signed and numbered silk-screen prints that will be available soon at MuttsLikeMe.com. The proceeds will go to getting the furry non-partisan U.S. residents, who share our country, saved and into homes. Shepard Fairey

Image fashioned after a mutt named Honey that artist had as a kid

Shepard Fairey, Time Magazine named “Icon Maker” of the year, has graciously used his talents to help our shelter pets! He has made an icon out of the American mutt, proving that every mutt is truly a masterpiece. You can help spread the word on behalf of the millions of furry U.S. ‘residents’ currently waiting to be adopted! There are downloads that are downright huge (so that you can post poster-size professional images) as well as code to add to your own personal websites.

Click here to get the image and spread it around.


UPDATE: Shepard Fairey Sues Associated Press Over Obama Poster

Shepard Fairey, the visual artist who created the iconic “Hope” poster of Barack Obama, has filed suit against The Associated Press, according to court documents. Last week, The A.P. said in a statement that the poster, based on an A.P. photograph taken by Mannie Garcia in April 2006, requires its permission for use of the image, and that it is seeking credit and compensation for its use in Mr. Fairey’s works. In the suit, filed in United States District Court in New York, lawyers for Mr. Fairey are seeking a declaratory judgment which would rule that Mr. Fairey’s poster does not infringe on The A.P.’s copyrights and is protected by the Fair Use Doctrine. The complaint also seeks an injunction enjoining The A.P. from asserting its copyrights against Mr. Fairey, his company, Obey Giant, and anyone in possession of the poster or works derived from it, as well as a jury trial.

It is important to note that Shepard’s complaint also includes protecting anyone in possession of works derived from the Obama hope poster. That would actually include the Adopt poster above, which shows you how crazy the A.P. is being here.

For those George Clooney fans (who couldn’t be though), here is the original photo that was utilized for the poster that Shephard Fairey:


You asked for proof?

At Majdanek Concentration Camp, a roomful of shoes confiscated from those murdered

At Majdanek Concentration Camp, a roomful of shoes confiscated from those murdered

I feel quite strongly about us looking at the lessons of history so that we do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It is hard for me to get my head around the fact that there is a stubborn group of folks who deny the existence of the holocaust, and I agree with Dr. Deborah Lipstadt here:

This is not a debate. I have said many times I do not debate deniers. First of all, it suggests that there are two equal sides to the issue. would you expect a scientist to debate someone who believes the earth is flat? Of course not.

Secondly, deniers are notorious distorters and liars. [Some of those who simply parrot what others say — and Williamson may be in this category — may not realize the extent of the lies and the distortions.] And it is impossible to debate a liar. It is like trying to nail a blob of jelly to the wall.

It bothers me that the nonsensical news networks persist in showing both sides to an issue, even if one side is just spouting outright lies. Just consider the current economic crisis after 8 years of failed republican policies and tax breaks and the words of nobel laureate, Dr. Paul Krugman:

Thirty-six out of 41 Republican Senators voted for the proposed DeMint amendment to the stimulus bill — a massive package of permanent tax cuts that would create a huge hole in the budget, while doing very little to help the economy. There isn’t much room for bipartisanship when 87.8% of the other party is totally irresponsible.

But, getting back to the existence of the holocaust, I am simply in love with Professor Lipstadt who penned the following letter to Bishop Williamson who rather ridiculously says he is going to wait until he finds “proof” of the Holocaust before recanting his denial (in the face of demands by Pope Benedict).

It has come to my attention that you are looking for “proof” of the Holocaust. Let me assure you that such proof exists in reams.

The most expeditious means for you to determine that all the “claims” you have made both on your webpage and in interviews are completely bogus would be to read, in its entirety, the verdict of Judge Charles Gray who presided in David Irving v. Penguin UK and Deborah Lipstadt. The judgment can be found at http://www.hdot.org/trial/judgement

You will see there that each of your arguments is shown to be based on bogus documents, fabrications of evidence, or misinformation. This is what we call in common parlance: lies.

Other links can be found on my blog where we have prepared an extensive, point by point, refutation of your claims. This will also take you the Myths and Facts section of www.hdot.org, where you will find even more refutations of your various claims about the gassing process.

You may also want to visit to the Holocaust History Project, where you will find yet additional refutations.

Finally, I also suggest you read the expert report of Robert Jan van Pelt who carefully demolishes the various claims you and other deniers make about the gassing process.

You will see that your arguments are based on false and mistaken suppositions. In short, sir, there is no dearth of evidence. There is only a dearth of willingness to remove the blinders from one’s eyes.

Professor Deborah E. Lipstadt, Ph.D.
Emory University, Atlanta, Ga.

Dr. Lipstadt’s letter bounced back so she sent a copy of it to the Argentinian headquarters of the SSPX, where Williamson is currently based. She also will be sending a copy of the letter to the headquarters.

GReat update on our favorite Golden hero, Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane's sweet disposition seen here

Calamity Jane's sweet disposition seen here

We recently posted about this lovely hero, and have also added Calamity Jane, initially named Annie Oakley, to our site’s incredible listing of close to 100 Golden Retriever heroes.

Golden Retriever Hero, Calamity Jane

Golden Retriever Hero, Calamity Jane

We have learned more to the story in an incredible new video that we recently discovered.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

February 8, 2009 UPDATE:
We received a wonderful update about Calamity Jane from Barb Justice, a long time Golden Retriever Rescue of Texas supporter.

Dear Rochelle, Calamity Jane is a little mixy, we think part collie. But she needed our help so we ignored the collie part and took her into the rescue. Her foster Mom has two Golden therapy dogs and once Calamity’s pups are weaned (she came into rescue pregnant) she will begin her CGC training. Her foster Mom is adopting her and wants to use her for therapy at our large children’s hospital here for kids facing amputations. She seems to have the disposition for it.

The police department investigating the burglary have asked for therapy dog assistance for their officers and local firefighters who are traumatized by an event and just need some doggie love. When they found out Calamity’s Mom was involved in pet therapy they jumped on the opportunity. So Calamity’s legacy continues to positively affect folks!

Calamity is in a wonderful home with a beautiful house and golden siblings. Her new Mom will baby her and she will want for nothing! She has already proven that she gives back what she gets tenfold. Her new Mom is a good friend of the gal from our group who began a new Delta Society therapy group that several of our GRRNT goldens belong to. We are very proud of the sweet girl who obviously is intuitive.

The Animal Control officer from the little town who called us is thrilled as well. Tammy works very hard to help all the shelter dogs she possibly can and begged us to take Calamity Jane. She is so happy she didn’t have to put her to sleep.

So it’s a happy ending for everyone involved, but especially Calamity Jane. Her life will be filled with comfort, safety, and love from now on.

If you’d like to rescue a dog like Calamity Jane or one of her puppies, visit Golden Retriever Rescue of Texas.