A truly Golden Valentine’s Day

Stephen Huneck's newest Golden wonder!

Stephen Huneck's newest Golden wonder!

Stephen Huneck is an internationally-acclaimed and much-collected Vermont artist, sculptor & children’s book writer and illustrator, whose playful hand-carved furniture, sculpture and whimsical Woodcuts prints celebrate the human-canine bond. A self-taught sculptor and wood-carver, Stephen loves the texture that you can only get by hand. He has a collection of tools consisting of over 150 chisels, 30 hand planes and axes, carving almost everyday of the year.

When Stephen does take time off, it is to walk with his Labs, Golden Retriever & Dalmatian. After a near death experience in 1994, Stephen had a vision to build a Dog Chapel. “A place where people can go and celebrate the spiritual bond they have with their dogs,” it is now the largest, and most personal, artwork of his life.

The print above is most unique for many reasons. First, most of the works by Stephen feature Labrador Retrievers, with only a handful of Golden Retriever pieces. And, it has been a veeeeeeeeeery long time since he’s created a Golden Retriever woodcut. He has just begun a new series which will explore many additional breeds and I am thrilled that the Golden was the first in the series. It is just perfect and really so apropos for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.

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