Embarrassed to admit this but . . .

In the last 2 months, I have bought at least 20 boxes of oranges from my Golden pal, Pat. And, it is a painful type of purchase because most of the oranges are juiced and then placed in freezer bags to be thawed throughout the entire year. I cannot remember how many bags I made from last year but they were so welcome and enjoyed, that’s for sure. I love that they are organic and pure goodness. There are not that many safe and good foods left, and oranges like these just cannot be beat.

Right now I have 5 boxes sitting in the hallway waiting to be juiced. Gary tried one yesterday and said it was the sweetest yet, just like sugar. It was what I call a ‘baby’ orange as it was really small. The sizes are always mixed that I get from Pat but the taste never varies. They are just incredibly delicious. Pat just emailed me this morning about the season now coming to an end due to warmer weather making it necessary to get the oranges off of the trees a bit earlier than usual. So I went and ordered another 5 boxes. That means I have to now go and spend many, many hours juicing, which is very hard on my hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome and my connective tissue disease. But, as they say, no pain, no gain.

So, do get over to Life Barks to place your order. I make nothing on this deal folks. I simply want to pass on a truly Golden find. And, check out Pat’s other goodies that she is selling to help support her wonderful service dog work.

Pat just took on a new Golden girl to train for CCI service dog work. And, she has set up a blog at Life Barks to let folks share in the process. Here is a fun entry from the blog today.

Dear President Obama,
Since you seem to be really good at researching other President’s great lines, (by the way, loved your speech), How about this one: 

Golden Service Pup-in-Training Blythe

Walk Softly And Carry a Big Stick! I’m thinking that in the not too distant future you’re gonna need that stick!  Anyway, I wanted to comment about your dilemma about which puppy to get for your girls.  LABRADOODLE?  PORTUGUESE WATER DOG?

First off… what exactly is a “Doodle”?  I get the Labr apart, and even then, my short haired counter part wouldn’t be a good choice because they are far too “busy” for a place as elegant as the White House.  (you did see Marley and Me right?)

Secondly, I’m a big fan of good old American Named Dogs… there is something so wrong about anything that begins with Portuguese.  I mean what’s next, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, Afghan Hound, Australian Shepherd, French Bulldog…you get the idea.

Clearly the best choice for your family is the elegant, faithful, beautiful, loyal, trustworthy, (did I  say beautiful already?), Golden Retriever.  There is no other choice that comes close really.  Even our name suggests elegance.  As for people with allergies, I’m pretty certain that there would be a lot of bathing going on in the White House to get rid of most of the dander that builds up.  A girl’s gotta stay clean.  Think about future family photos… Now picture that funny looking water dog or the odd doodle dog.  Now picture your beautiful family and a Golden with long flowing gorgeous hair.  No contest really.  And cute growing up?  Nothing cuter than a Golden Puppy, if I do say so myself.

Here is a picture of me and my big brother Teddy:

We would be happy to come to the White House so you can see first hand how one of our kind would fit in.  Just send info on when Air Force 1 is available to pick us up.  We will be waiting….


2 thoughts on “Embarrassed to admit this but . . .

  1. Labradoodles are half poodle, bred so they shed less and thus good for people with allergies like Malia, who unfortunately couldn’t handle a golden retriever.

    There are also golden doodles, and a recent article noted that these tend to be more available at shelters than Labradoodles or Water Dogs, so might be easier to find. In fact the article noted two goldendoodle puppies were available right now at a shelter.

    We’ll see.

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