Golden Retriever Annie thanks her Heroes

The week before Christmas, a two-year-old Golden Retriever was found in a snowbank in northern Minnesota, where she lay dying from gunshot wounds through the neck and stomach.

Dubbed “Orphan Annie” by local animal control, she was entrusted into the care of Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota (RAGOM) and taken to the veterinary school at the University of Minnesota. After surgery and a 12-day stint in intensive care, Annie went to a foster home to recuperate.

Orphan Annie’s story was picked up by the media in Minnesota and around the country, and she became a familiar sight on the evening news. Moved by Annie’s gentle spirit in the aftermath of cruelty, Minnesotans and viewers nationwide became a part of Annie’s legacy through their tremendous outpouring of thoughts, prayers and donations.

Annie not only survived her grievous wounds, but vets believe she will be able to live an active, normal life.

About a month after she was shot and left for dead, Annie made a public appearance–her last before being adopted–so she could thank her many benefactors.