Very sad & lonely today – Update

Golden Retriever Alfie with one of his favorite woobies

Golden Retriever Alfie with one of his favorite woobies

I am on telephone watch right now. That is, I wait for it to ring to tell me that my sweet Golden boy is safely out of surgery, and that possibly we have some more answers about what is bothering him right now. He is a real mess with some kind of infection that we cannot identify and a benign (I hope) tumor on his eyelid that is being removed.

The only fun part to going to the vet’s office is the ability to see so many new dog faces, attached to bodies of all types. And, it is always a chuckle when folks try to guess Alfie’s age, thinking he is just the most well-behaved, but rather large puppy.

My baby boy turns ten in 4 months, but is definitely from a late-maturing line, which I love. He still runs in a puppy-like fashion and acts puppyish in his behaviors. And, I love it, of course.

To top off bad times, my rescue feral kitty Cindy is very sick. I told the vet he needs to get her well because even though she is 16-17 years of age, she has only decided to love on me and my hubby during the last few years. Before that, she’d sleep in the basement or hidden somewhere in the house, and would rarely let us hold or love on her. Now, she must be with us constantly and actually tries to keep Alfie from getting time with Gary or myself. And, despite her being only 6 pounds, Alfie will not cross her path and always defers to her wishes.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the good wishes. You should have seen me at the vet’s. I did not want to even let Alfie have his surgery on Monday, having given him some bread with Prednisone later than I should due to his agony on Sunday. I wasn’t even going to leave him on Monday and took him in with me when I had my 9am appt for Cindy. When the vet asked how I was, I told him I was up all night and not sleeping and what could he do. Ultimately, he told me I had to not make Alfie into a basket case by acting like one myself (ouch!).

He did make it through surgery and now we have lots of meds, of which Gary is partially in charge, since putting ointment onto the eye is just so tough. The biopsy is not back but I was not worried that it would be cancer since the vet told me that these types of growths are typically benign. It had to be removed, though, as the eye has been runny and constantly tearing, and was red. It was also beginning to affect the cornea.

Hopefully, we will get the bacterial infection under control soon. We think it is due to his food addiction in combo with his still lying flat like a puppy. He does that outside as well, and loves to spend time down by our apple trees eating the fallen fruit which is too disgusting to even describe. Gary refuses to manage it. He just likes to have the trees there and doesn’t think about the upkeep. I may decide to just pay someone to keep the ground cleared of fallen fruit, as it is tough to pick up when it draws bees and who knows what else.

My poor 16-17 year-old Cindy, who was quite feral and not interested in contact, is now sick with kidney disease. I feel so bad because she only started becoming sweet and affectionate a couple of years ago, so to me, she has only been with me a few years. She is not one to take medication and the fact that we have to get 2 meds into her daily is going to be some battle. She is also a little under 6 pounds and finicky about eating, so trying to change her diet is going to be impossible. Gary, of course, is totally the dreamer and thinks all will be fine. I am really not so sure. But, up to 2am, I was looking at various diets that we will begin trying with her. The bottom line, though, is that her stopping eating would be worse than not changing the diet, and even one day with her refusing food could send her to the hospital given this type of illness and her limited weight.

All in all, I am a mess. But, that was to be expected given my own limited health, and the fact that any type of emotional stress exacerbates my symptoms. But, it all comes with the package. We can never truly appreciate the love we receive from our furry souls without going through the pain when they become ill.