Operation Dexter a Success: Military Dog Gets Hero’s Welcome

It’s always a great time to share good news, and this story is just that. Go learn about Operation Dexter Flies and Military Working Dog Adoptions, the incredible organization that helps to honor rather than euthanize our critical, hard-working military dogs.

Military Dog Gets Hero’s Welcome
By George Mallet, Today’s TMJ4, January 2, 2008

The 68 pound German shepherd is a hero on four legs, an Iraq war vet who patrolled Baghdad and saved a thousand lives when he detected an explosive inside a garbage truck planted by insurgents. The terrorists had planned to blow up a mess hall.

“For an hour and a half in a hundred twenty degree heat, he was right in front of me,” Dexter’s handler, Kathleen Ellison said as she recalled a prison riot the two were called into. “He just protected me.”

MWD Dexter C067 is now retiring with hip dysplasia. Often times retirement can mean euthanasia for a military dog deemed too aggressive to be a pet. But ten-year-old Dexter will enjoy old age thanks to a dog-saving organization saveavet.org. The organization was founded by Danny Scheurer, an Iraq war vet whose life was saved by a military dog who was later put down.

“It is like watching a brother get put down,” Scheurer said with glassy eyes as he stood in Concourse C. “It’s somebody who saved your life, somebody you served with side by side getting thrown away.”

Scheurer’s group made arrangements for Dexter to stay in Spring Grove Illinois. The dog got a hero’s welcome at the airport Tuesday night. But it won’t be his last. He’ll get another hero’s welcome at Fox Lake American Legion Post 703, where he’s slated for honorary membership. He is the first retiring military dog to officially earn veteran’s status.

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