Meet Service Golden-in-training Blythe

Puppy Girl Blythe

Puppy Girl Blythe

Seven months ago I posted about Golden Retriever Tavi, a CCI Service Dog-in-Training being raised by Pat Lawson (she’s trained nearly 20!). Pat is a charter member of the Valley of the Sun Volunteer Chapter of CCI. At winter time, all the Goldens at Pat’s enjoy these wonderful organic navel oranges. She has a mini grove in Arizona where the oranges are growing at the base of the San Tan mountains, in soil that promotes incredible sweetness. We love ’em and believe that organics are great for every 2-legged & 4-legged family member.

Pat created a new website, Life Barks, to sell all her wares, all helping to benefit CCI. And, since Tavi has left for CCI College, Pat has now gotten a new puppy to begin the rearing and training process. But, this time Pat requested a little girl. And, she has set up The Bark Blog to let us all share in Blythe’s many adventures in maturing from puppy to service dog.

I could not ever remember Pat training a little girl as it has always been boys that she has received these many years. I had always had male dogs and my sweet Darcy was our first female. But she was so spunky and filled with attitude, which I adored. And, she was known for loving her toys huge to thrash and then lie on in victory. So I asked her about that.

I thought I’d try a girl for a change. These last couple of guys have been handfuls! Loving handfuls mind you, but I thought a little mellow girl would be a nice change of pace. NOT! This one has spunk! And attitude, hence the blog. Blythe and I are new at blogging, but we will get the hang of it. I’m in New Mexico for a day or two, but when I return, I’ll send you some cute first day pictures. I had gotten all these girl toys … soft animals, even a cashmere camel. She went for the biggest ball in the house and drags around the biggest bone she can find.  I love her already!

I will certainly be staying tuned to the musings of Blythe at her new blog. Obviously, this was a “B” litter. CCI always picks a letter and then all the dogs have to have names that begin with that letter. Boy, have I seen some crazy names when some less-used letters are used. Here is Golden Blythe’s first blog entry:

Hi Everyone! Well, as you can see, I’ve arrived in Arizona! Not sure where Arizona is, but this place has a bunch of trees and a great big brother named Teddy. He seems really nice and was excited to see me. I’ve never seen so many toys either. My mom says that sleeping through the night is a good thing… duh… I will have to remind her that Golden dreams help with sleepless nights. I had my first puppy class yesterday and learned that people give you “special treats” if you do something right. I wonder if that will work for our new president? My mom says that president Bush would have needed a bunch of “special treats”. Not sure what she means by that, but will take her word for it. That’s it for now. A big shout out to all my brothers and my sister Bella out there. Hope you have as great a place to live as I do! Talk to all of you soon!


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