Cherishing the moments

Brady and Deana, together, enjoying the ocean

Brady and Deana, together, enjoying the ocean

A man with Alzheimer’s wanders from his home, a hiker goes missing, a trapped family desperately tries to escape flood waters. The National Association for Search & Rescue indicates that the ability to save a life is often dependent upon how quickly the person can be found and accessed. But, providing enough well-equipped and well-trained search and rescue professionals is a daunting task.

Deana Hudgins, President of the Ohio Search Dog Association, Inc., a non-profit all volunteer response unit, recently shared her story with us, detailing the work of her SAR Golden boys, Brady and Chase. Sadly, Brady, a talented boy whose specialties included Live Finds and Area Search, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in June 2008. And, we just learned today from Deana that he lost his battle to this horrific disease in November.

I am truly grateful to have had Brady in my life and I am fortunate to have gotten the chance to take Brady to the beach in Florida in September. He had a great time running and playing. He was even well enough to play the day before he passed away. Brady has taught me so much about love, loyalty and happiness. I hope to honor him by continuing to dedicate myself to K9 Search and Rescue. Brady was a fantastic ambassador for search and rescue and the Ohio Search Dog Association.

Go experience a wonderful photo montage that shows this Golden family’s celebration of life. Just click here.

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