That’s one for us.

VilsackPresident-elect Obama was considering former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack for USDA Secretary of Agriculture. Vilsack has been an ardent supporter of Monsanto, genetically engineered crops, and corn and soy-based biofuels. Thanks to vocal opposition from thousands in the Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) network, Vilksack’s nomination has now been withdrawn. Although Vilsack told the Des Moines Register he didn’t want to comment on why he had been sacked, sources at the Obama transition headquarters reported “a flood of calls and emails” from organic consumers opposing Vilsack’s nomination. The OCA office in Washington, DC is submitting a petition with 8,000 signatures to Obama’s transition team this week, urging Obama to take a strong stand in support of organic food and farming. Now that the OCA has eliminated biotech booster Vilsack from the nomination, there’s a list of candidates to head the USDA that Obama needs to be considering. Check them out here.

And, learn more about why organics are integral for both your 2 and 4-footed family members. Just click here.


Sunbear Squad Watch Tip of the Week: Nov 30th

The Sunbear Squad has resolved to make a difference for neglected and abused companion animals. They are transforming animal lovers into animal welfare defenders — with knowledge, tools, and inspiration.

Watch Tip: Watch for pets sickened by eating rich holiday leftovers or cooked turkey bones. Be a Good Samaritan for Animals.

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