Preying on the most vulnerable

One-Time Westporter to Enter Prison in 9/11 Fraud Case

A one-time Westporter who claimed he and his dog helped recover bodies at the World Trade Center after 9/11 will enter prison Wednesday to begin serving an eight-month sentence after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining thousands of dollars in government relief funds. Scott Shields, shown in a 2005 photo addressing a Westport Historical Society children’s event with his dog Theodore, also addressed the Westport Representative Town Meeting in 2004. He said that his previous dog Bear was a regular dog who became a hero because of his upbringing in Westport where he could run on the beach and in Winslow Park off leash. More on Shields can be found here.

I only wish that Golden Retriever Theo had a better home. And, I wonder if New Jersey based Gold-Rush breeder Ann Johnson, knows where the pup she sold this impostor wound up.


One thought on “Preying on the most vulnerable

  1. I was shocked to hear this. I was one of the many taken in by Scott’s lies. I painted a small portrait of his dog Theo (it’s on my website) I am going to leave it up because it’s not Theo’s fault that his owner was such a fraud. I paint free portraits of search & rescue dogs and police dogs in gratitude for those who work so hard and contribute so much to make our country safer. I’m sorry that Scott was able to abuse people’s trust and gratitude for his own benefit.

    If anyone reading this is a Search & Rescue handler, or K9 officer, I would be happy to paint a portrait of your dog at no cost to you. Just send me some photos! – and thanks for all your dedication!

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