Preying on the most vulnerable

One-Time Westporter to Enter Prison in 9/11 Fraud Case

A one-time Westporter who claimed he and his dog helped recover bodies at the World Trade Center after 9/11 will enter prison Wednesday to begin serving an eight-month sentence after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining thousands of dollars in government relief funds. Scott Shields, shown in a 2005 photo addressing a Westport Historical Society children’s event with his dog Theodore, also addressed the Westport Representative Town Meeting in 2004. He said that his previous dog Bear was a regular dog who became a hero because of his upbringing in Westport where he could run on the beach and in Winslow Park off leash. More on Shields can be found here.

I only wish that Golden Retriever Theo had a better home. And, I wonder if New Jersey based Gold-Rush breeder Ann Johnson, knows where the pup she sold this impostor wound up.


I hope that Obama can fix the FDA.

The FDA has really suffered during the last 8 years given our non-regulatory loving administration. I do not trust much of what is out there, food-wise, and only do an organic home-cooked diet for Golden Alfie. I also try to keep him from being exposed to chemicals and to provide materials that are safe. For that reason, I only let him chew on organic toys and do not allow him to have any interaction with plastics (such as in toys, food dishes, etc .).

Look at the latest from the FDA on chemicals in plastics and you can understand why this is so important.

A scientific panel has issued a blistering report against the Food and Drug Administration, saying it ignored important evidence in reassuring consumers about the safety of the controversial chemical bisphenol-A.

The panel, in a report issued this week, did not draw any conclusions about the safety of the chemical, known as BPA. But it criticized the drug agency as ignoring crucial studies and using what it said were flawed methods in reaching its conclusions.

The agency’s evaluation of BPA “creates a false sense of security” and “overlooks a wide range of potentially serious findings,” the report said.

In a statement, the agency said that the report “raised important questions” and that more study was needed, but it did not back away from its claim that the chemical was safe. It will review the report on Friday.

BPA is widely used to make hard, clear plastic water bottles and baby bottles, and it is found in the lining of nearly every soft drink and canned food product. The chemical appears to have estrogen-like effects, and in animal studies it appears to accelerate puberty and pose a cancer risk.

While most worries about BPA focus on children, some reports suggest BPA may interfere with chemotherapy, and in adults the chemical has been tied to higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. The drug agency has said the levels of BPA to which children and adults are exposed do not pose a meaningful risk.

Training Golden Retriever Avalanche Dogs

This Alpine Meadows video features search and rescue dog training in conjunction with the Placer County Sherriff Search and Rescue, and the Placer County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Tahoe Dog Team. It was a real carnival for the Golden Retrievers and other breed dogs with helicopter rides, treasure hunts in the snow and non-stop games all designed to train them to sniff out and save buried avalanche victims.


Learn more about Search & Rescue Dogs here at our foundation website.