Fun with Golden Retriever Rescue Dogs

Our Golden dude Alfie is from Midland, Texas so we have a soft spot for our homebred Texan friends (not those folks who don folksy southern accents for photo ops, if you know what I mean).

One of our most special Texan friends is Barb Justice, one of the directors for the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas. She is an amazing lady, funny as all get out, and never gets the appreciation that I think she deserves given the fact that she works tirelessly for this breed despite some serious medical challenges.

Barb’s rescue is doing incredible and important work, and they can only exist through the support of folks like us. So, GET ON OVER to the Rescue’s website and check it out. Their 8th annual picnic, recently held on October 27th, was a blast. Just see for yourselves below.

Come and learn about the many Golden rescues that exist from one coast to the other. They really do need your help.


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