Does one dog know when another is dying?

In July 2007 I posted about an 8-year-old Golden Retriever Rescue named Max. It was a wonderful story of a dog due to be euthanized at a shelter who is now living a life of luxury.

Yesterday, I received this sad update from his mom Cindy.

Max went to The Bridge on October 6, 2008. His health had been declining since March/April of this year and despite blood tests, x-rays, and ultrasounds, the vet could not put a finger on it. Max didn’t have the same energy he used to, but he was still the same wonderful loyal loving dog. He was at least 10 years old when he left us.

When we first brought Max home, our older Golden Tipper Emily (now 15½-years-old) disliked him immensely. Eventually, he wore her down and she allowed him to kiss her nose and snort in her ears whenever he wanted. Max absolutely adored her. However, she always remained aloof and was The Queen Max knowing better than to try and sniff her butt! And, she certainly never would have touched him on purpose. Until that last evening.

Max laid on his blanket in our living room all afternoon and evening the last day he was with us. During the evening, Tipper Emily laid down next to him (she’s on the right in the photo) and stretched her legs out and touched Max’s paws. They stayed that way, touching and looking at each other, for a long time that evening.

Was she holding his hand and telling him that it would be okay? It still brings on the tears to look at that picture. Does one dog know when another is dying? I definitely believe Tipper Emily did!

We miss our Maxwell tremendously. And, Tipper Emily is still looking for him around the house and yard. I don’t think she’ll ever admit it, but I think she secretly liked Max!


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