Oh my goodness . . .

Me thinks Golden Retriever Retro looks a little pooped .... contemplating her huge 16 baby brood. This GReat photo is by By Allan Jung/Daily News Staff.

This is twice the normal litter and Golden Retriever Retro’s c-section had to be moved up because she was growing more and more uncomfortable due to increased weight and leg swelling. But, she is now doing just fine and records have been set all around, the veterinarian never having delivered such a huge litter.

The 10 males and six females weighed in between 13 and 14 ounces, a little shy of the normal golden puppy weight of 17 ounces, said Martin. “One little girl was smaller, at eight ounces. She’s a screamer and a fighter and will push all her big brothers around.”


Calendar Beauties: Ryan and Service Golden/Lab Java

Chris Kittredge, a fabulous professional photographer, who does some work for CCI. She shot many photos for this year’s CCI calendar as well as being the editor. My Golden Retriever CCI puppy raising pal, Pat Lawson, sent me the scoop on the team that graces the front cover of the 2009 calendar which is now on sale.

The photo on the front cover is of a local graduate team, Ryan and Holly Cottor and their service dog, ‘Java’. This is such a neat story. Ryan was diagnosed with SMA when he was only a baby. They were told that he would not live to be 2. We were introduced to Ryan and his family at a local CCI event when he was 5.

He had invented an imaginary CCI dog because CCI does not allow kids to apply for a CCI dog until they are 7. Holly told us at a golf tournament luncheon that they were just hoping that he would live long enough to apply.

Well last year, when Ryan turned 7 they applied and received ‘Java,’ a Golden Retriever / Lab Cross, about 9 months later. This year, Ryan celebrated his 8th birthday. He is the inspiration of our group here in Phoenix. As you can imagine, when Holly and Ryan and Java give their story to groups and gatherings, there is not a dry eye in the house. But, Ryan, being the little guy that he is, will not have it. He keeps saying, “Aw Mom, no crying!” We should all be so reminded every day….