Where are my Golden Retriever Gardeners?

Here are two gardeners, both being silly, of course. The first is Golden Retriever Cali, who figured that the trees in her backyard needed trimming. And, Golden Retriever Rescue, River, loves sliding downhill, headfirst, through the leaves.

To celebrate adding an exciting new “topiary” whimsical artist to the Land of PureGold Foundation family, I have a fun and easy new Golden Gardeners Photo Contest.

"Shear Bliss" -- Copyright Michelle Masters

"Shear Bliss" -- Copyright Michelle Masters

Michelle Masters’ wonderful, unique topiary themed gifts for the home, gardener, and animal lover offer a blend of whimsy and elegance. Her collections incorporate watercolor depictions of topiary—living sculpture shaped by careful pruning into a broad range of decorative items.

I just adore Michelle’s “Shear Bliss” art. Who says a Golden wouldn’t enjoy a couch made from a topiary hedge?

Please join us in our fun new contest, Michelle Masters’ Golden wares presented as prizes! We are looking for irresistible gardening photos that capture your Golden Retriever Gardening Helper, entries also completing the following: “This is my Golden’s idea of gardening . . .”.

Here is our most recent entry from special Golden (CCI Puppy Raising) pal, Pat Lawson.

Tavi really isn't much of a gardener, except when the oranges are ripe. He is a master harvester! The only problem is, he eats as much as he picks... all in a Golden's Day's Work.

Click here to learn more and to enter your own Golden Gardener!

2 thoughts on “Where are my Golden Retriever Gardeners?

  1. My goldens like to pick and eat my pineapple guavas. They used to eat my entire garden, but now I have a deer fence around the veggie garden, so the tomatoes were safe this summer!

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