Come play ‘Palin as President’

Click on Palin and then keep clicking away .......

Click on Palin and then keep clicking away .......

This is really incredibly clever. The folks who put this together are truly on the ball. They will be updating this page daily until November 4th so you need to try and find out what is new each day.

If you watched the debate last night, you will recognize the new addition immediately (hint: look to the right window).

Be sure to click everywhere and some places you need to click repeatedly to see further options. I am really impressed and cannot imagine the work involved. And, I am looking forward to what additions they will have in store for everyone.

My hubby, though, is not seeing the humor as he does not think it is in the least bit funny that this pistol packin’, animal hatin’ momma could be so close to achieving this position.


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