Golden Retriever Clancy T. Dog gets $150,000 in sting operation

Too funny. Golden Retriever Clancy helped the Better Business Bureau fight back against a fake check scam.

Internet scammers send out thousands of e-mails each day hoping to separate you from your money. But the Better Business Bureau is fighting back with, of all things, a golden retriever named Clancy, reported WLKY-TV in Louisville.

Clancy received a check in his name for $150,000. The dog belongs to Bruce Gadansky with the Louisville BBB, who received a scammer’s e-mail in which a Chinese company is allegedly searching for an American pay agent.

Gadansky replied, using the name “Clancy The Dog LLC.” “I told them I was in the fertilizer business, which Clancy does a lot of, fertilizing the back yard,” Gadansky said. “That smacks of the truth. Then I waited. I didn’t expect to even get a response.”

On Tuesday, a very authentic-looking check from a real Canadian company came in the mail.

“I’m supposed to deposit the check,” Gadansky said. “I get to keep 5 percent and then wire back the remainder of that money. So I keep $7,000 and wire them back over $140,000. You’re wiring them back real money, but that check is a phony, and your bank will figure that out in a few days. It’s an old scam for which people are still falling.”

Gadansky is hoping Clancy can help the BBB deliver a message. “The more people we can educate, the less (chance) there is that anyone is going to (be) nailed by one of these scammers,” he said.


Come play ‘Palin as President’

Click on Palin and then keep clicking away .......

Click on Palin and then keep clicking away .......

This is really incredibly clever. The folks who put this together are truly on the ball. They will be updating this page daily until November 4th so you need to try and find out what is new each day.

If you watched the debate last night, you will recognize the new addition immediately (hint: look to the right window).

Be sure to click everywhere and some places you need to click repeatedly to see further options. I am really impressed and cannot imagine the work involved. And, I am looking forward to what additions they will have in store for everyone.

My hubby, though, is not seeing the humor as he does not think it is in the least bit funny that this pistol packin’, animal hatin’ momma could be so close to achieving this position.

Golden Pupper Zoomies …. GReat times for sure

Anyone with a Golden Retriever knows about the zoomies. Dogs are just so perfectly expressive and when they are filled with happiness it is so much fun to watch them run in circles, flying from one room to another in glee. All I have to do now is ask the question, “Do you want supper?” to get my Alfie going. But, he will do it if I start playing games with him or if he thinks something good is coming his way. I just love it.

This little pupper is simply tickled with being free outside, experiencing the smells and textures under his paws.