I Cannot believe this is still going on! — UPDATED


As you may know Scott Shields is scheduled to be sentenced on October 14, 2008 (next Tuesday). The Assistant US Attorney handling the case is soliciting witnesses to testify at the sentencing hearing to rebut Scott’s testimony.

If you would like to participate it is suggested that you contact:

Jenna Minicucci Dabbs
United States Attorney, Southern District New York
One Saint Andrew’s Plaza
New York, NY 10007

(212)637-2212 ; (212)637-2937 (fax) ; jenna.dabbs@usdoj.gov


The following entry was originally written in late May but now I’ve bumped it up given the following comment that was made yesterday by M. Dilworth:

I was at a flea market in Nutley, NJ today (7/13/2008), and this con-man was taking donations after telling tall stories about what he and his dog did at the WTC site following 9/11, and at Katrina. We knew after watching him for a few minutes, something was not right. That didn’t stop him from pointing to the donation box and taking people’s money. What a scam artist!

li.jpgSentencing for convicted federal felon Scott Shields WAS slated for June 27, 2008 at 4pm. Scott was to appear before US District Judge Robert Sweet in courtroom 18c (United States Courthouse: 500 Pearl St., Room 1920, New York, NY 10007).

Well, that is no longer the case. From shortly after 9/11 to now October 14, 2008, the man will remain free on bond as he awaits sentencing.

For some unidentified reason, Scott’s attorney has been terminated and now a new attorney (Joel Stein) has been assigned. As a consequence, the sentencing date has been moved to October 14, 2008. Sadly, it seems like closure will never come.

My disability keeps me homebound much of the time so I’d love to hear from anyone who believes they may be in the courtroom for this long-awaited event. This is the preliminary control date for sentencing so I will be trying to confirm the final date when it does become available. I will not be surprised if it takes place even later than the end of June.

Obviously, those wheels of justice, turn very, very slowly. And, you know what that means? Through his bogus nonprofit foundation, Scott is left for almost 3 months to swindle more folks, tell his lies to more innocent children, and whatever else he does to support himself in his expensive Princeton townhouse (despite not working one day since before 9/11).

Please, just imagine how much money he has taken in through his foundation to have allowed such a lifestyle all this time. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

You can catch up on this Golden Retriever abusing con-artist by clicking here.


7 thoughts on “I Cannot believe this is still going on! — UPDATED

  1. Hi Rochelle,
    I don’t think that Scott Shields is going anywhere. He’s putting on the dementia act and he is old. Unfortunately, there are many younger offenders in the space.
    The prosecution could at least try for an injunction forbidding him from doing his deeds again.
    I believe that his lawyer got frustrated – uncooperative client.

    Sorry that I’ve been out of touch for so long. My family is still dealing with Jennifer’s death and I rescued a kitten who has ADHD.


  2. Scott has a personal ad on Yahoo that touts how great he is. (Do a search on dogs in the Princeton area) It is full of him getting awards and has photos of Bear and Theo with insignias and rescue vests. He even lies about his age.

    I do alot of PR work (for free) for shelters. I thought we at least had dogs in common and contacted him. He finally got back to me and downloaded no less than twenty images that show him in Katrina, WTC, and anywhere someone will point a camera at him. He is shameless in blowing his own horn. He even sent a photo of himself with a Down’s syndrome boy.

    I have not let on that I know what a scam artist he is yet… I am baiting him to give me some answers on some entrapping questions.

  3. Paula

    Fancy leaving a link on here – i cant find what you are talking about when i go into yahoo.com and put Dogs in he Priceton Area – thanks James

    The real responders rarely talk about their work, where they have been or what they have done – he is nothing more than a mentally unstable. The sooner he is stopped the better and Theodore needs a good home with rules.

    I was so upset when i heard that he had been walking Bear up and down New York when the pool ill dog (cancer) should have been tucked up in a nice warm house, being given TLC/

    Love for his dog – i dont think so!

  4. This guy needs stopped!!!!!!!!!! – he is an insult to our nation and to our responders.
    He says he is getting help from the families of those he helped – well id love to meet them as they don’t exist – there were no survivors. To say this i find in very bad taste and an insult to those who gave their lives at WTC.
    I am truly sickened with this man, he is a fraud and his sentencing cant come quick enough for me.
    He is totally mentally unstable, he must be to keep up with his scam even although every one else on this planet know he is a fraud.

  5. I used to be a so called friend of this idiot. However i soon found out he was just full of crap.
    He is still spinning his stories to anyone who will listen, but like Scott’s ego the stories grow and grow.
    A good lier need to have a good memory – and that he does not possess.
    Its a wonder he is not onto Gustaf……………..telling tales and making money out of that.
    Nothing he does surprises me now – i am just sad that i, like some others were taken in for a while, till i wised up of course.
    I look forward to seeing him behind bars – telling his stories to all the cons…………………………………………………………..
    (Name withheld)

  6. I have no idea. He always manages to get the thing rescheduled. And, even if it is on the 14th, and they do manage to give him some time to serve, he probably wouldn’t have to report to serve his sentence for months.

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