My newest discovery

Dancing Paws Pills 2 Go Pillcase for Pet Meds
I simply love this new pillcase. It is just great for dogs and their people as well. It helps you organize your pet medications when you’re on the road, and is great at home as well. Remembering to give your dogs their supplements and medications each day is vital to their health. That’s why this cleverly designed sturdy plastic pill carrier is such a great idea! We have never seen something this adorable as well as functional. And, the wonderfully large size makes the case great to use for people’s daily medications as well. The entire unit is 9″ L x 1.25″ H x 1.75″ D.

  • Convenient travel size
  • Easy to open and stays shut
  • Holds larger size pet tablets
  • Detachable Compartments
  • Key chain tab on each compartment
  • Durable
  • Daily pill organizer

There’s a tray for every day of the week each with a paw print to remind you how important remembering medications is. There’s plenty of room for medications and supplements. Plus, each compartment is detachable and has its own key chain tab. If you are leaving for 1 or 2 days, you can detach them and carry only the days you need! You do not have to carry the whole 7 day chain. Pills 2 Go is great for around the house too! It comes in either yellow or orange, but we like the yellow better. It is actually more translucent, thus enabling you to see the contents better.

Come order this here, where for a limited time only, it is being offered on sale!


4 thoughts on “My newest discovery

  1. Jess, you will love this and then probably want one for yourself or other relatives that take medications. I have never seen one that was so functional and yet so adorable.

    I hope Tucker is holding his own these days. I am continuing to keep him and your family in my good thoughts as I know how difficult a time it is right now.

  2. We received our pill container, and I really do love it! All of his supplements and pills fit perfectly in the big compartments! I’m thinking about buying one for my dad, too!

    Tucker is doing great right now, despite the evil cancer that is growing inside of him. I updated my blog yesterday, and talked about the oncologist appointment on Thursday.

    Thanks for your continued support and kindness, Rochelle.

  3. It is really wonderful, for people AND their dogs.

    Kind of like my new treat that I discovered that I love (1st treat actually that I ever tried as it is all organic). You can check it out at my NEW page at the foundation:

    I will be posting about it here as well. It’s just that I have recently added so many goodies that it is hard to get all the info out to everyone. Check out the chemical-free grooming products, too.

    Everything I get has your boy in mind. I figure that preventative action for healthy dogs and reaction for health-compromised dogs leads us to getting the same products for both.

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