GRREAT Rescue Golden Retriever Ginger needs a forever home

Oh my, Ginger is such a darling. Someone needs to give her a forever home. She is available through my home-town rescue, GRREAT.

Ginger is a pretty, red 3-year-old who is smart, very loving, affectionate, loves to cuddle, and loves to play. She has lots of young-Golden energy and plays very well with other dogs and is a quick learner. She has won the respect of our other Golden which until now was impossible. She is a good little girl and seeks a forever home with a Mummy who has time for her. She likes to run around our fenced in yard and even makes up games for herself. She likes a lot of soft toys. She would be better suited to a family that can spend a half hour in the park rather than just walks around the block. She has learned a lot since joining our home and loves to swim with other dogs. She is a happy little girl and only has a few little moments when she will find something plastic and chew, but few and far between and always when you are home. With enough exercise she is as good as gold in the house so we recommend a family with a fenced yard where she can be the center of attention. Her family will be one that really wants a one on one relationship with a very special beautiful Golden that will create memories in your heart for years to come.