A Golden Retriever Freestyling Family!

We just discovered another Golden Freestyle Champion, 11-year-old Golden Retriever Vera and her partner Cassandra Harman of Cassandra’s Canines, from Caledonia, Ontario.

Cassandra Hartman says her Goldens feel the music and can improvise their own dance moves. (Photo by J.P. Moczulski for The Globe and Mail). That sounds just like our favorite boy, Rookie.

Hartman and Vera recently won best in show against 100 other duos at a recent doggie dancing competition in Rhode Island, and they are off to the Netherlands in the fall for the first worldwide contest. A professionally-trained dancer and choreographer, it is adorable to see all of her dogs named for dancers.

Cassandra has an incredible Golden Retriever gang, that includes ….
OTCh. Dovergold Debbie Reynolds RXMCL,W-FDX/MF, W-BMFD-MF, CGN
Skylon Jazzin’ Vera Ellen CDX, RVMCL, W-FDX/MF, W-BMFD-MF, CGN
Windrows Gwen Verdon (obedience and freestyle bound!)
Windrows It’s Showtime Fosse PIT (puppy in training) CTI (chief treat inhaler)

Check out Cassandra dancing with Vera Ellen by clicking here.


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