Livingston Taylor’s new furry addition

Mr. Murphy, New Office Manager at Taylor Music

Livingston Taylor is one of the hundreds of celebrity Golden parents that I have featured at my Foundation’s site. He has been a Golden lover from waaaaaay back. At his site, he is now showing off this cute little guy.

Mr. Murphy is a hard worker, and will be a great asset to us, but he also has a gentle spirit, and a restful soul. He firmly believes in the power nap, as you can see, and is teaching the rest of us to enjoy them too. We look forward to having him run the office.

As it always seems, Livingston is on the road, hopefully in a town near you. He really appreciates a friendly face out there, so stop by and say hello!

LIVINGSTON TAYLOR (singer, songwriter and also multi-instrumental musician) last had a Golden Retriever named Ajax. They liked mucking out about the pond and going fishing as you can see.

Man's Best Friend album

An early Livingston album

When asked how Ajax got his name, Liv replied: “We decided on it when were driving to pick him up as a pup. I liked the name ‘Ajax’; it felt good”. Elaborating, Maggie says “Liv named him . . . I agreed . . . . I named him after Achilles’ best friend . . . Liv after the cleanser.”

Livingston Taylor started his major-label recording career in 1970. Playing guitar, piano, and banjo established him as the Taylor family’s most ultifaceted musician. Performance is dear to Livingston’s heart, and with his animated personality, wrinkled-grin humor, and musical talents, the stage is where he shines brightest. Liv has been very busy teaching performance since 1984 at the Berklee College of Music, the focus of his new Taylor workshops.

Click here to order this book!Can I Be Good was written by Livingston Taylor, illustrated by Ted Rand, and published by Gulliver Books in 1993. Here, a young Golden Retriever tried his best to be a good dog, but it’s just so hard! He just keeps doing things that get him into trouble, like chewing on Dad’s new shoe or splattering his family and the kitchen when he shakes dry his rain- and mud-sodden fur.

The Taylors have no children, but Liv has said that the writing of children’s books comes very easy to him. Of course, Ajax served as the inspiration for this adorable book!You can clearly see that Livingston’s love of Goldens goes way back. He published an album in 1980, entitled “Man’s Best Friend,” and another album in 1988, entitled “Life is Good,” includes a Golden friend.