Yes, jealousy affects us all ….

It is definitely true that when you are paying attention to one furkid, the other one is jealous of the attention and pushes to the front to make his or her feelings known. It is the same with non-furry kids as well. My Goldens were always jealous of each other when the other was being fawned over and Alfie and Cindy are always fighting for my attention. They fight to snuggle next to me in bed and whenever I call for kitty Cindy, Golden Alfie is always the first to come running.

It is for that reason that this video tickled me so much. Here you will see Golden Retriever Quincy who is a very lovable guy but his mom says, SO needy! Even when he’s on the bed getting lots of love he still gets jealous when Mom calls out for her cat “Jack”.. otherwise known as Kittle-Little.

I love Quincy’s talking as Alfie is an unbelievable talker as well. I just never have been able to catch it on tape. He actually showed it off to me the first day home and I have never stopped loving it to this day.


Iraq Vet Gets Dog, New Chance at Life

Shown here, Sgt. Bill Campbell practices his photography skills as his service dog, Pax, watches his back. Since his return from Iraq in 2005, Campbell has feared an attack from behind.

Iraq Vet Gets Dog, New Chance at Life
Yellow Labrador Helps His Owner to Recover Following Injuries in Iraq


Until recently, Sgt. Bill Campbell’s horrifying memories from his tour of duty in Iraq left him unable to leave his house.

Constantly fearing he would be attacked from behind — a paranoia stemming from his violent tour of duty — Campbell says his post traumatic stress disorder symptoms made everyday life virtually unbearable.

That is, until he met Pax, a now 17-month-old yellow Labrador, specially trained to help him cope with PTSD, doing everything from reminding him to take his medication to coaxing him out of his house. “Pax forces me to go out,” Campbell told “He has to go for walks.”

Pax was donated to Campbell by the N.Y.-based non-profit organization Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that has provided service dogs to individuals with disabilities since 1997, but just recently expanded their program to include war veterans, too.

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