Growing up together

These clips show kitties trying to nurse from their Golden Retriever brother, a kitty then playing with her Golden brother, and the kitty 10 months later loving on her Golden (kneading him like bread).


I am soooooo jealous

This video is too, too cute. And, this Berner is very smart, her mom very imaginative as well with the repertoire of tricks that she has taught her adorable little girl. I have just got to figure out how to teach that sneeze trick as Alfie is a big sneezer when he gets excited about something.

Hudson the Berner loves to show off her tricks while Mom sounds dumb in the background! This was totally unrehearsed, obviously! And if you put the volume up really loud, you can hear her doing “little dog.” Hudson will do anything for food, as any true Berner. She loves being shy the most because it takes the least effort and she’s always gotten the most attention from doing it, so it’s her old standby, and “wave” was the last trick she just learned so now she’s also doing that constantly as well.

Location Location Location


Now this is one place I’d love to be working at. Talk about location.

Service dog agency building training center
By Lehia Apana, Staff Writer

MAKAWAO – Maureen Maurer is in the business of making dreams come true. As co-founder and operator of Hawaii Canines for Independence, she has been giving new hope to people with disabilities by providing them with service dogs.

Now it’s her turn to have a dream fulfilled. First visualized five years ago, her dream of a permanent training facility for her nonprofit organization is becoming a reality.

“It was my goal since starting HCI to have a facility that would be here for future generations. We’ve always been moving around, but now we can finally have something permanent that will be here for years to come,” she said.

The $700,000 facility is slated to open this summer and will be named “Sadie’s Place,” after the mother of the program’s first litter of service dogs. The site is located Upcountry near the Manduke Baldwin Polo Arena and will include training areas, kennels, a veterinary clinic, classrooms and wheelchair-accessible trails.