Paws to Freedom class in action

Did you know?
Assistance dogs are generally evaluated and trained by professionals through formal organizations. However, many programs that provide service dogs have long waiting lists, are out of state, or charge too much money.

Through new resources (DVDs, online groups, etc.), many in the disabled community are training their own dogs to help in everyday tasks. There are a multitude of tasks that dogs can be trained to perform that qualify the dogs as service dogs under federal law. In actuality, there are more owner-trained service dogs in the United States than the service dogs from all of the programs combined.

Paws to Freedom, a Service Dog Team education group, teaches those with disabilities to positively train their own service dog. Christina, Paws to Freedom President, has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair. You will see her in the video with her 2-year-old Golden, Maverick, who she trained to be her assistance dog.

Learn more at our foundation’s site about our talented Golden Assistance Dogs, with many wonderful videos of these dogs in action. Just click here.