adopted 1 but got 14!

Golden Retriever Kelly is nursing her 13 puppies. Her owner, Helen Bogus, got Kelly from the Humane Society not knowing she was pregnant …… a month later giving birth to this large litter.


A Proud “Golden” Grandma

Almost 2 weeks ago I posted the following amazing short film created by 8-year-old! Zachary Trabalka, one of Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue’s youngest members. He put this together, naming it Into a Golden’s Soul, for his class project.

Well, it was easy to understand why I would then hear from Betty Trabalka, one proud Grandmother from Oak Ridge, TN.

Rochelle, I found your website while looking for my grandson’s video on You Tube. When I Googled it, I wound up on your website as you had also added it on your site. I love your website and am still exploring it.

I am a member of Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and am definitely into Golden Retrievers. My grandson Zachary is one of our youngest members. He loves Goldens too. This last weekend he worked very hard at our carwash. That is one of the ways we raise money for our Goldens. This was his first try at a video, he is just 8-years-old.

Zach is a neat kid and loves all animals and helps me with my foster puppies whenever he can. He did the video for the film club at his school but one of TVGRR’s Co-Directors put it on youtube.

I thought that maybe, since you liked his video well enough to put it on your website you would like to see a picture of Zachary and his best buddy Toby. If you go to the TVGRR’s Golden Goodies Store, it will take you to a page that has our “2008 Goldens and Guys Calendar”. Zach and Toby are the guy and Golden for March.

Please support our Golden Rescues. The store has this lovely calendar on sale for 50% off, a true steal at only $6. And, they have loads of other Golden Goodies as well that are just incredible.