Marley — A Golden Retriever Diver


Here is another Golden diver, shared by Anne Visser, from the Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas. Dusty, a 9-year-old GRRNT special needs foster dog (severe allergies), has a special talent of diving for his beloved Kong. Here is Dusty in action.


such Golden sweetness …. for way too short a time

Photo of Tuffer by Patrick Lennox Wright

Golden Retriever, Tuffer, pictured at a past Kirkland Uncorked festival, sadly went to The Bridge, his mom, Kristen Fife of Kirkland, writing the following:

Last November, we had to put our beloved golden retriever, Tuffer, to sleep at the much too young age of 5 due to cancer. Imagine my shock and pleasant surprise to see him in the Kirkland Uncorked section of this week’s Seattle Weekly. I’ll admit to shedding tears on seeing his happy-go-lucky face staring out at me. I remember the photo being taken as we wandered around outside the fencing for the merchants. It is a reminder to me that although he was on this Earth just a few short years, he was one of those dogs that spread happiness and joy just by…being. The photo taken is a perfect example of the feelings he engendered in everyone he met. So, thank you for that bittersweet reminder of the joy he spread even in his short time with us.

The folks at Seattle Weekly were so moved by this tribute that they urged “all those attending Kirkland Uncorked—indeed, all those who drink and/or love dogs—to raise a glass in tribute this weekend to the late great, hound.”

And the Rev. Todd “T-Bone” Barker provided this oh-so-touching benediction:

Tuffer is in a better place now. A place where there are always lakes for wading, tennis balls for retrieving, and children to run their fingers through his fur. He is in a place where wine-sipping blonde hotties will always stop and give him a kiss. His water bowl will always be cool, and his food bowl always filled. His tail will ever be wagging, and his mouth ever wide with a smile. His nose—like our eyes as we deliver this sermon—will ever be moist. He always will be, as he ever was, a very good boy. Rest in peace, sweet Tuffer, as you shall ever rest in our hearts.