Dyson Vacuums? Matt is your man at Max-Vacuum!

I recently had to buy a new vacuum as I had surely killed my original and beloved purple (DC07) Dyson Animal vacuum. Golden fur can really be something else, no matter the vacuum, and I had not been the best at taking care of my Dyson, never having cleaned the filter (out of sheer stupidity and never reading the manual thoroughly).

Well, I went online to check out the prices and several places had the same deal, all authorized dealers, free shipping, best price guarantee, yadda yadda. But, the tricky part was understanding just what model to get as there were so many new improvements and changes. And, these vacuums are not cheap. But, trust me, there is no other brand to buy these days. Ask any dealer and they will tell you that the return level on these vacuums is unbelievably low at much less than 1%.

I found only one guy who was actually willing to be honest with me. He talked me into buying a less expensive model, in fact, if you can believe that. And, his website had a buying guide that you can find at no other that answers questions that actually make sense and are important. Below, is just part of his special guide. It is really much more as it discusses each special aspect of each vacuum so that you can weigh out the positives and negatives.

If I have a pet do I need to buy an “Animal” Model?
No. When Dyson first started selling in the US they only had two models. The DC07 All Floors and the DC07 Animal. The only way back than to get the popular Mini Turbine tool, which is great at removing pet hair from furniture, was to purchase the Animal model. Now you can purchase the Mini Turbine tool separately for any Dyson upright.

Than why do some websites and salesman say I need the animal if I have pets?
We can think of only two reasons they would say this. They do not understand the product or they are trying to influence you into buying a more expensive model.

But, honestly, I really needed to do my reading and then talk to Matt, the owner at Max-Vacuum to really understand just what model to buy. So, my recommendation is not to do the online ordering there first. Google Dyson and find the best prices out there. Then, with that price in hand personally call Matt at 1-800-450-0147. Tell him that Rochelle from the Land of PureGold Foundation sent you and that you want the same kind of help that she got in determining the best model to buy.

IF I HAD NOT CALLED MATT, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THE WRONG MODEL. And, that is with all my reading and previous knowledge as a Dyson owner.

Even with a highly shedding Golden (my Alfie boy) and shedding kitty, it turned out that the best model for me was not the animal model. I got the DC25, after Matt helped me weigh out all the options. It is $100 less than the animal model, and lots lighter. And, it didn’t have all the attachments, the same attachments that I never once used from my previous animal model lol.

But, let him help you decide what YOU need. And, then buy from him because the service could not be better. Oh, and just in case you think I am making something out of this deal, think again. There is no affiliate program and Matt is not paying me to make this recommendation. I am just wanting to pass on some valuable shopping information that can benefit all my fellow animal pals.

Matt is an animal lover himself with dogs and cats of his own and he has had the Dyson forever and tested out all kinds of models. He told me that if he does get lots of sales from folks identifying themselves as coming from our foundation, he may be able to donate a vacuum next year for us to have a special raffle or to give to a needy organization of my choice. That would be a nice thing to do, but trust me, it is not the reason for my raving about the guy and his business. When you find someone who is genuinely honest and wants to make a living but also do it with a conscience, it’s just a great feeling to spread the news to others so that they can benefit as well.

Oh, btw, I love love love my new DC25 vacuum. The first thing I did after it arrived and I put it together (3 snapping parts), was to try it out. I even used the cool wand to do the oh-so-furry carpeted steps. Then, I called Matt and somewhat out of breath told him I loved it. Of course, I told him I had to try it and that it worked great. But, I did admit that I did not love it enough to want to vacuum the entire house like those loony tunes on the tv commercials who are laughing with glee as they clean.