Princesses Don’t Swim!

I got a charming email a while back from Golden pal, Marlo Schrader. It was filled with the cutest sequence of photos depicting a water dog supposedly, as all our Goldens were bred to be, having her own opinion about the need for a wet existence.


A FUN Golden Retriever Read: “E-mails from Shilo”

Well, here I go again. Time for more apologies. Now I have to apologize to author, Susan Lustig, as her book as also been put on the back burner so to speak. Catching up is killing me. But, hopefully, I can entice some folks with this book as a fun summer reading treat.

I do not know how I found this particular book, but it is truly quite unique … especially for all of us who are addicted to our computers and email. This is how the story goes . . . . .

One day when reorganizing the files in her computer, Susan discovered a folder she doesn’t recognize. And, it amazingly contained nearly two years’ worth of emails written by her four-year-old Golden, Shilo (shown here), to her sister’s Bichon Frise!

The resulting book, E-mails from Shilo, reveals a somewhat confused dog trying to make sense of his place in a human world. Guided by his mentor Sammy, his wise basset hound neighbor, Shilo comes to figure out most everything and along the way, comes to understand what love is truly all about.

We see this world through his eyes and interpreted through his canine sensibilities. Shilo’s underlying worry is that perhaps, like his first family, his new family may not want him anymore, that they too could suddenly disappear one day. This emotional experience gives his world a sympathetic perspective and forces him to deal with some very tough issues of his own. And, it is his discussions with Sammy that gives Shilo’s stories a mysterious twist.

Sammy reveals the lore and history of the wolf and the wisdom they passed along throughout the ages to the dog world. Shilo endeavors to comprehend life as he lives it with his family and friends and ventures to resolve the true meaning of who he is. He is curious, yet mystified, by his experiences: human behavior, emotions, music, snow, death, Christmas trees, TV and always . . . cats. Click here to check out these sample pages.


Shilo is a first time author with E-mails from Shilo. A 9-year-old Golden happily living in a Southern Californian life with his adopted Mom and Dad, his early puppyhood is mostly unknown. Shilo is largely self educated. His hobbies are eating, sleeping, and chasing squirrels (which sounds just like our boy Alfie, of course!).

Susan Lustig, Translator and Book Designer, along with hubby Bob, adopted Shilo when he was 3-years-old from a Golden Rescue group in Riverside, CA. In creating this book from those discovered, encrypted files on her computer, Susan has emphasized that she let decryption software do most of the work (even though some editing was needed). And, she added many wonderful photos to accompany the writings.

Susan has created and produced theme park attractions for Universal Studios and Disney, but lately has been designing graphics and websites . . . and doing dog language translations, of course!

Supporting Golden Retriever Rescue – Fun “Crash!” Children’s Book

I have to first apologize to author, Mayra Calvani, as it has taken forever to be well enough to start working on my stockpile of fun Golden Finds again. Mayra has created Crash!, a fun children’s book that is just perfect for youngsters out there who would love to have a new puppy of their own.

She is a loving mom to a Golden herself, and is donating a huge 50% of this charming book’s royalties to the incredible organization,  Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary. Please go check it out and think about making a purchase to help the cause.