Too Cute: Star Wars according to a 3-year-old

Over 6 million folks have enjoyed this following clip. An adorable little girl is explaining the plot of Star Wars Episode IV. She explained the whole movie to her dad in much greater detail but unfortunately he didn’t have the camera going. When he finally caught her talking about the movie again she delivered this truncated, but still funny, version. She wasn’t coached to say anything, nor was she forced to make the video. She rarely stops talking. Believe it or not, she has the seem the movie only once, and I spread it out over 3 days so it wouldn’t be too much all at once for her.


Here is the video with clips from Star Wars to show you what she was cleverly referencing

Funny Transcript: “Well. Well. Okay. The sand people capture robots and drive, and sell ’em in a garage sale – kinda like a garage sale but except they’re selling robots. And no one’s gonna buy R2 and the shiny guy – the shiny guy always worries – Luke’s gonna buy those. And Obi Kenobi’s a kinda teacher. He’s teaching Luke how to learn how do to his little light-up-sword. He has to try to block the little pokie ball. He tried to do it without seeing. Obi Kenobi sometimes move things around, sometimes he disappears. Princess Leia got out a jail and out in the spaceship. And they got the big thing that blown up stuff, we blown it up together. It blown up Princess Leia’s planet. But don’t talk back to Darth Vader – he’ll get ya. It’s an exciting movie.”


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