Honoring Golden Retriever Belle

Thanks go to Tim Golan who just wrote to me.

Belle made it past her 17th birthday. Quite a story for a dog that was abandoned at nearly 9. I met her at an agility trial after losing my 14-year-old golden a few months earlier. I spent the day with her and took the pictures. This was in the summer of 2001. I still have her pictures and story displayed at home.

Around age 9 Belle was hit by a school bus, losing her left front leg. Her owners abandoned her; whereby Kris rescued her and taught her how to walk on three legs. In this video she is recovering from pneumonia and cannot walk. A vet contributed the wagon and a painter contributed the exquisite artwork. At nearly 17 years old, Belle was “eating hamburgers, hot dogs, cornbread with fresh blueberries, spaghetti, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches”.

Belle was certified by TDI and Delta and labeled as an “awesome Team”. She gave much hope to hospitalized children who had lost limbs. They witnessed Belle hopping carefree through the halls and rooms and realized they were not alone.

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